Friends of the Library

Since its founding in 1983, the Friends have always had one goal: to ensure that the Kingston community has free and public access to books, information, and the resources necessary to enrich the lives of anyone, young or old, who comes through the library door.

At first that library door opened into an old Bookmobile that the Friends acquired, later it opened into an upstairs room at the Fire Department’s community center, and now it opens into a new location right on the square. Every second Thursday evening of the month, at 6:00, one can find old Friends and new Friends meeting to discuss how next to help improve and promote library service in our community.

We sponsor programs for our residents (young and old), we offer a Textbook Scholarship for area students (young and old), we host a summer series of Music-on-the-Square (for young and old musicians!), and we do whatever we can to accommodate the reading interests of the community either by purchasing new books or by selling old ones.

Our membership is held together not by annual dues but by a commonly held interest in serving the library. We invite anyone who shares with us the belief that a library truly enriches a community, young and old, to come and help out. Some of us build shelves; others search for used books. Some of us make posters; others read stories to the kids. Some of us staff the circulation desk; others make cookies or serve refreshments at our programs. We are as diverse in our backgrounds as we are in our contributions, yet we all share that original and simple goal: helping the library.

Come join us at our next meeting!