In 1983, a few members of the Kingston community recognized the need for a library in their town. They asked the North Arkansas Regional Library to donate an old Bookmobile, which the newly-formed Friends of the Kingston Community Library towed into town, did some repair and electrical work, brought in boxes and boxes of donated books, and opened a few months later as the Kingston Community Library. It was open twelve hours a week and staffed by volunteers.

In 1988, the Kingston Fire Department built a new fire station/community building just up from the square. By then, the Library had well outgrown its space, so the Friends had the Bookmobile towed back to NARL (later to be sent to St. Paul) and made an arrangement with the KFD to use an upstairs room for the Library.  The volunteers built shelves, solicited book and financial donations for programs and acquisitions, and staffed the library with its expanded sixteen-hour/week schedule.

By 1998, the Friends of the Kingston Community Library, after fifteen years of volunteer work, agreed to name Kingston a branch of the Madison County Library System. The Madison County Library Board hired a librarian to staff it for ten hours per week and provided funds for book acquisitions.

By mid-2005, the Library’s use was in decline, so a newly re-formed Friends group moved the Library to a new location on the Kingston square, revitalized its programs and activities, and opened it up to after school and Saturday morning patrons. Since its Grand Re-Opening in October, 2005, the Kingston Community Library’s hours of operation have doubled, its circulation has quadrupled, its programs for both adults and children have brought the community to the library and the library to the community. By 2007, the Madison County Library Board increased the hours of operation to fifteen hours per week with paid staff.  Also in 2007, the Friends, along with the Boy Scouts and with generous community donations, added a covered deck to the Library that now provides additional room for programs and seating for community events on the Kingston square. By 2009, hours of operation were increased to 23 per week with the library staffed by library personnel and volunteers. Now in 2020, the library is open 28 hours each week.

The Friends of the Kingston Community Library purchased a building next to the existing library in 2019 and are currently remodeling the space to serve needs the current building cannot meet.